Menu of Offerings

● Kabbalat Shabbat
● Saturday Morning Shabbat
● Havdallah
● Creative Expression- An integrative service that explores our connection to spirituality, God and prayer through multiple forms of creative expression: music, art, movement, writing, reading, personal reflection and meditation. This program is most impactful for Religious School or Family Service settings.

Gathering for Change
A dynamic and impactful social action program that includes:
● Hands on social action project creation
● Classroom activities
● Group Singing Concert
Proceeds (Tickets, Merchandise, CD sales, donations & $200 of my booking fee) given to a social action organization of your choosing

Singing in the Dark
As a part of my personal journey, I suffer from the retinal eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). RP has left me legally blind through tunnel vision and night blindness. Sitting in close with blindfolds on, Singing in the Dark provides the opportunity to let go, escape feelings of judgement and experience the powerful elixir of group singing through the eyes of the unsighted.

● Havdallah & Concert
Gathering for Change
● Creative Expression

Youth & Teen Songleader Workshop
A two-hour action packed workshop where youth and teen Songleaders experience and practice the fundamentals of Songleading: repertoire, vocal & breathing technique, body language clarity, repeatable song-teaching techniques and confidence with kindness. All participants gain access to a virtual resources that include chord charts, tricks of the trade, 300+ chordsheets, and more.

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