My Story

Hi, I’m Charlie, a Jewish songleader, songwriter, spiritual leader and musical creative with an eye to shake things up. I can see, I just can’t see everything. I live my life legally blind yet, fully able to see life’s blessings. And life’s greatest blessing? Song.

I may not be able to see everyone I’m singing with, but I can hear every voice. My lack of vision brings me closer to the group. What causes me suffering simultaneously brings me connection and helps me to pour every ounce of my soul into each present moment we are creating harmony together. I do this work to bring you and the community around us moments of connection that provide lasting healing, joy and soulful energy that cannot be seen with our eyes, only felt, heard and experienced with our hearts.

Every morning I wake up knowing that singing will make the difference. No matter how I feel, no matter how my students are acting, no matter the language of the song itself, I know that our voices coming together is the most powerful elixir and healer that we have in our lives. I am committed to sharing the magical healing nature of song each day that I awake to walk this earth. Singing with you is not simply my passion, it is my life’s purpose.

I have been songleading at synagogue and at camp since the 7th grade. But, something shifted for me in April 2016. When deciding whether or not to spend an additional year working with the Jewish community in Melbourne, Australia, a close mentor of mine struck me when saying that “songleading wasn’t a career”. Although initially painful to hear, they were right. Songleading is not my career, it is my life’s purpose, my soul’s journey. From that moment on, I have forever known that bringing communities together in song was the healing that my soul was meant to bring to this world.


Every ancient civilization and society has had music at the core of their lives. The same is true to this day. Yet, in a world of electronic connection, we need physical connectivity through song more than ever- in person, face to face, unapologetic singing free from fear. When we come together in this way, we leave feeling every bit of the experience in our bodies and spirit- alivined, energized, aware and full of blessings.

So, what are you waiting for? I’m looking forward to pushing boundaries and singing with you and your community soon.

Let’s sing together→

Sending love and blessings,